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The FLIG Music iOS app connects an industry-curated network of musicians, vocalists, DJs and bands with wedding and event planners. FLIG, LLC is a company created by top artists who support top artists in their endeavor to serve the world.

The FLIG, LLC Mission is to provide a community for their network of top tier musicians, vocalists, DJs, and bands, and provide access to resources and their tech-based platforms which facilitate opportunities with new business, peers, and fans.

The FLIG Music App is a platform connecting an industry-curated network of artists with Chicago wedding and event planners. The app facilitates artist-to-planner communication, simplifies the booking (RFP) process, and expedites payments using safe and secure Braintree/PayPal processing services.

The FLIG Music Website is slated to include a fan portal and discussion boards, as well as a podcast, new blogs, and articles to coach and educate. The online tools enable artists to hone their business acumen and networking skills so they can be compensated in values that are proportional to the services they provide.

Every Artist and Band must submit a portfolio of work (video and audio files) for consideration. Membership is selective and contingent upon instrument mastery, band dynamic, genre fluency, years of professional experience and specifically experience within the formal event space, audience engagement, live performances, sound business practices, a firm understanding of various event protocols, dress code, schedules, and overall professionalism.

    • FLIG Executive Team
    • Caleb, Jen, and Ryan
    • Interview with the Director of 2112
    • Ryan Chats with Scott Fetters
    • Taste of Randolph 2017
    • Ryan Playing Lead Guitar for Nasty Snacks
    • Taste of Randolph 2017
    • Caleb Playing Trumpet for Nasty Snacks
    • Team Meeting
    • Discussing the YouTube Interview Series


As a profession, musical artists are one of the most under-served in society when compared to the immense value they provide. They exist in an industry which is heavily biased against them. What we wanted to do at FLIG, was to support exceptional musicians in every way possible, so they could continue their life’s passion and feel valued by their own industry. Our company exists to serve musical artists, so they can continue to serve the world.

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