Cycle to the Beat/Yoga Rhythms
Cycle to the Beat/Yoga Rhythms
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Cycle to the Beat/Yoga Rhythms

Unleash The Athlete Within

Our mission is to provide indoor cyclist and yogies with an  immersive audio and visual experience.  Providing dynamic and melodic musical journey's combined with state of the art visual technology that will take your workouts above and  beyond reality.  We will link the music and visuals to your movement: harmonizing your breath to the beat and your cycling to the rhythm.  We will Eliminate that point in your workout where you hit a wall by stimulating your mind and body. Never again will you plateau during your workout.  Cycle To The Beat/Yoga Rhythms creates the illusion of traveling without moving.  Visit the places you don't have time or resources to get to. Santori, The Almalfi Coast, The Great Wall China,  Travel thru space!  Be in a nightclub! It's like taking a vacation while working out.  

Every Cycle To The Beat ride delivers a high intensity cardio workout in a fun, welcoming, energetic and augmented reality experience.  

Our approach to music is beyond reproach.   Cycle To The Beat/Yoga Rhythms provides Brilliant Mixes from a World-Class DJ/Athlete Peter is a world class dj and knows how to combine music and movement seamlessly.  Each class will be synced seamlessly to the music creating a ride that will elevate the mind, lift the spirit, and give you an amazing cardio calorie burning or relaxation workout experience.

Cycle To The Beat/Yoga Rhythms provides inspirational, motivational, and propelling music for, cyclists, yogies and all other forms of exercise. Cycle To The Beat/Yoga Rhythms will take you on a musical and visual journey during your workouts and will help you get to the next level of training.


    • Cycle To The Beat Studio
  • Lakeshore Sport and Fitness
    211 N. Stetson Unit 2c
    Chicago, IL 60626

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