Jason Feehan

Product Manager | Program Manager | Attorney | Consultant | Author & Professional Public Speaker
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Jason Feehan is a musician, attorney, author, journalist, public speaker, instructor, and project management professional (PMP) who co-wrote the critically-acclaimed The Indie Band Survival Guide (Macmillan), Making Money With Music (online course via CreativeLive), and is a columnist at Electronic Musician Magazine (The DIY Advisor). Jason’s band, Beatnik Turtle, has released over 500 songs spanning 20 albums, licensed music to Disney and Viacom, and have also written music for TV, films, and theater including at Chicago’s Second City. In 2007, they released a song every single day of the year from their website TheSongOfTheDay.com. Billboard Magazine calls them “the ideal mentor for aspiring indie musicians who want to navigate an ever-changing music industry.” And he is currently working on a revenue development program for the City of Austin’s musicians.

  • Areas of Expertise: Copyright, music legal topics, making money with music, getting music heard, DIY, and nearly any topic about building a music business or label.

  • Other areas: Law, Privacy, Internet law, Corporate Organization, Project Management, Product Management, Communications, Business Development.