Lance Curran

Artist Shops Account Director and Comic Book Czar at Threadless
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Studied music business at Columbia College but soon missed his DIY days. So he dropped out of school and spent a few years playing and booking shows while managing artists. Since joining Threadless in 2005, he and his pals have forged a workplace that encourages off-kilter personalities and rebellious kindness. He’s also built an efficient and fun-lovin’ warehouse of artists, musicians, and all around awesome people. Lance is the curator of the successful Threadless Comics-On Tees line started in 2010 and was an advisor and speaker for the 2011 National Conference of Operations & Fulfillment.

Co-Founded Arcade Brewery with his friend and community artist/brewer Chris Tourre in May 2011. Arcade Brewery started distribution in August of 2014.

Joined forces with the Delicious Design League in July of 2014 to launch the art collective Secret Panel.

Lance loves to invite like-minded misfits to the Threadless HQ for tours, interviews, and possible projects. He’s also an art, music, and comic book junkie who likes to get his brain caught in the marketing cookie jar.