Mitch Posada

Founder, LeanStart/Brandless Group
Department: , , ,

Mitch is Founder and Senior Product & Growth consultant at Known for his product and growth strategy and execution consulting to dozens of start-ups in mobile, IoT, digital, and sports; Mitch is passionate about mentoring. In addition to 2112inc; Mitch mentors at MatterChicago, 1871, and Super G Accelerator. Mitch’s experience covers a wide range of industries and organizations including UnitedHealth Group, Pathfinder Software, Humana, DHL WorldWide, WellsFargo, Best Buy, AdMob/Google, Nestle, HP, and IDT Telecom. Mitch has an M.B.A. from the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley.

Where he can help:
Executing Lean Startup Methodology to identify the riskiest parts of the business and define experiments to validate assumptions to guide where to focus efforts.
Developing Growth strategies — product growth hacking and creating a demand generation program.
Other areas include: raising capital; recommendations finding a product development team; or finding talent.