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How to Build an Aligned, Integrated, and Agile Sales & Marketing Strategy

The above workshop is part of a four-part hands-on workshop series called, "How to build an aligned, integrated, and agile sales and marketing strategy." Leveraging exercises, stories and open discussion, we address each phase of the process from defining your goals and enhancing your brand experience to developing a 90-day plan on which you can start executing immediately.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
4245 North Knox Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA Get Directions

How to build an aligned, integrated, and agile sales and marketing strategy.

A Four-Part Workshop Series By Carley Marcelle Madi

This four-part hands-on workshop series walks entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and new marketers through the process of building a strong foundational sales and marketing strategy that is designed for their unique business and current goals. Leveraging exercises, stories and open discussion, we will address each phase of the process from defining your goals in developing a 90-day plan that you can start executing immediately.

Workshop 1: The Sales + Marketing Roadmap
Workshop 2: The Authentic Brand Experience 
Workshop 3: How to Develop Your Sales Funnel
Workshop 4: How to Develop Your 90 Day Marketing Plan

Workshops are designed to stand alone and will be tailored to attendee needs, though the curriculum does build on the prior conversation. New marketers and startups are especially encouraged to attend the full series. 

To sign up for the full series at a discounted rate, click here.


If you are unable to attend one of the workshops, but you are still interested in learning the curriculum, you can contact Carley here for information on options.

All businesses, artists, thought leaders and movement leaders welcome.

Tuesday, July 24:
The Sales + Marketing Roadmap

Don’t drive before you know where you’re driving. Duh. But we forget all the time, especially when it comes to sales and marketing. We start posting, emailing, calling, speaking, eventing, blogging, paying, and then screaming that it’s not working and wreaking with desperation. You can’t do everything all at once even if you pay an army of marketers. So the question is: where do you start?

You can’t do everything all at once even if you pay an army of marketers. So the questions are: where do you start, and what do you prioritize? This workshop is a resource for anyone who needs help prioritizing their sales and marketing activities. Whether you’re just getting started or feel that you can get more traction but you’re not sure how, we’ll take a full tour of todays marketing landscape and make sure that you walk out with more clarity on where to put your time and financial efforts tomorrow

When you leave, you’ll:

● Understand your current state
● Hold the first iteration of your future state including measurable goals
Have identified your top three sales priorities
● Understand the advantages, disadvantages and cost expectations of DIY, in-house and agency marketing options
● Have the information you need to determine a realistic budget and/or resources allocation

Thursday, July 26:
The Authentic Brand Experience
Identity + Customer Experience Workshop

What is a brand, and how do you create an authentic brand that can last? This is no simple task or a single exercise, but a mindset. We’ll walk through some creative exercises to get to the heart of your brand experience, explore some options for communicating that story and address the many opportunities you have to embrace brand throughout all aspects of your business.

This is ideal for any individual or business who wants more tools to dive deeper into their brand experience.

When you leave, you’ll:

● Appreciate the purpose of a brand and get excited about yours
● Understand the different components of a brand
● Have some tools for exploring your brand further
● Understand the different ways that your brand communicates with your audience(s)
● Feel more creative and connected to your mission
● Have the mindset to evolve with your brand

The Conversation Map: Part One + Two

Stop selling! The age of “selling” is over; some would say it never existed. If you feel like you’re selling, you’re failing at sales or you’re in the wrong business. Who are you talking to, what are you contributing to the world, and what type of relationship are you building? From the first “hello” to partnering with your customers for years, how can you shift both your perspective and tactics from marketing to relationship building? We may be in the digital age, but this makes real relationship building more important than ever. We’ll pull out your roadmap (designed in the first part of the series), embrace your brand (designed in the second part of the series) and start building an aligned, integrated and agile sales and marketing strategy, or what I prefer to call:

The Conversation Map. This is broken out into two workshops:

Tuesday, July 31:
The Conversation Map: How to Develop Your Sales Funnel

Marketing ROI, email lists, conversion tracking, lead nurturing, testing, automation, incentives, sales integration, landing pages, CTAs… In this tactical workshop, we’ll walk through what a sales funnel is, why you need one in your marketing strategy, and how to implement it. Then we’ll break down what should go into yours and how to optimize it, online and/or offline.

When you leave, you’ll:

● Understand why you need a sales funnel
● Understand the different types of funnels
● Know how to implement a sales funnel, or optimize your existing funnel
● Know what should be included in this iteration of your sales funnel
● Have a list of conversation starters
● Know what to do with that email sign up list
● Know how to track conversions and which ones are important to you
● Have a list of suggestions on how to test your funnel

Thursday, August 2:
The Conversation Map: How to Develop Your 90 Day Marketing Plan 

In this workshop, we’ll take a closer look at audience segments, outreach tactics and engagement. Then we’ll start to turn your top three sales/business goals into an actionable, achievable and measurable 90 day marketing plan. This workshop is focused on inbound marketing, but discussions and plans will be tailored to participant needs.

Note: Even if you’re not yet ready for outreach, reflecting on what that could look like for your business might help you to prioritize other activities related to product design or sales packaging.

When you leave, you’ll:

● Be ready to turn your top three sales priorities into an actionable marketing plan that matches your brand and your resources
● Have the beginning of an outreach plan that is achievable, measurable and budgeted
● Understand what digital content marketing is and whether or not it works for your business right now
● See email, SEO and social media engagement in a new light
● Understand the basics of a marketing campaign
● Have a plan that balances vision and agility

About The Instructor

Carley Marcelle Madi is a future-obsessed creative who loves stories, conversations, and designing solutions. She has worked and trained as a storyteller, an entrepreneur, a designer, marketing director, a change management consultant, a business strategist, and an industrial-organizational specialist. She is founder of M|Rising Creativ, a new content production company, the co-founder of a digital series called BETA launching this August, and consults on strategy, marketing and engagement with a wide variety of businesses and individuals. Learn more about Carley here.

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How to Build an Aligned, Integrated, and Agile Sales & Marketing Strategy
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