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Illinois Dispensary Agent Training Course

This course is approved by IDFPR to satisfy the new badging requirements for dispensary agents in Illinois.

Saturday, February 8, 2020
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
4245 North Knox Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA Get Directions
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This event has ended.

High Haven Education is a Responsible Vendor, approved by the State of Illinois and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) to provide dispensary agents with the required course needed to satisfy their badging requirements.

High Haven’s staff is comprised of leading industry experts in dispensary operations, cultivation, extraction, marketing, outreach, security, hiring, badging, training, and more. Our trainers each have several years of experience in the Illinois cannabis industry, giving us the ability to answer our student’s questions with real world experienced answers.

We are committed to ensuring our students receive the most up to date information regarding the cannabis industry.

About This Course:

High Haven Education’s Dispensary Agent Training Course will cover the rules and regulations that all dispensary staff must know and adhere to, as well as other pertinent information needed to perform as a dispensary agent. This session will take approximately 4 hours, and you will be issued a certificate upon completion.

This course will cover the following topics:

● Health and safety concerns of cannabis use

● Responsible use of cannabis

● Physical effects

● Physiological effects

● Recognizing signs of impairments

● Appropriate responses in the event of overconsumption

● Most relevant laws and rules to operate dispensary

● Laws, rules, and penalties associated with the sale of cannabis to minors

● Laws, rules, and penalties associated with driving under the influence

● Acceptable forms of IDs and how to verify its validity

● Quantity limitations

● Purchaser privacy

● Safe storage of cannabis

● Inventory taking and the state’s inventory tracking system

● Packaging and labeling requirements

● Waste handling, management, and disposal

● Record maintenance

● Security and surveillance requirements

● Who may enter the dispensary

Who Should Attend?:

This course is REQUIRED for:

• Owners, Managers, Employees, and Agents involved in the handling or sale of cannabis or cannabis-infused product employed by an Adult Use Dispensing Organization or Medical Cannabis Dispensing Organization. You must obtain a certificate of completion from an approved Responsible Vendor within 90 days of hire as proof that you have completed this badging requirement. You will need to complete this course every year in order to continue renewing your agent badge.

This course is optional, but contains great information for:

• Owners, employees, and operators of pre-applicant dispensaries

• Job seekers

• Owners, employees, and operators of ancillary companies that support the cannabis industry

• Medical professionals

• Anyone interested in learning more about the rules and regulations of the new adult use cannabis program in Illinois.

Note: You must be 21 in order to obtain a badge to work in a dispensing, grow, or infusion facility.

Illinois Dispensary Agent Training Course
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