Hellowater Launches ‘Defense Powered by CYTO+’ Line

Posted By: Scott Fetters

How do you supercharge your own Defense system? Introducing hellowater Defense Powered by CYTO+.

Hellowater Defense Powered by CYTO + is a game changing patented technology. CYTO+ creates a shield against incoming toxins by working with and bolstering our primary chemical processing engine, Cytochrome P450. When you are stressed, hydration and beneficials are crucial for maintaining the health of your immune system. hellowater Defense Powered by CYTO+ is our crafted blend of electrolytes, vitamins, and beneficial botanicals that provides everyday support of your immune system. CYTO+ bolsters P450 to target and eliminate toxins in the body, in particular, those that have evaded the body’s natural defenses and taken up residence in your cells.

Hellowater Defense Powered by CYTO+ is the most advanced state-of-the-art patented technology in consumer-packaged goods. It enlists the contribution of a combination of natural products to fortify the natural architecture of the enzyme complex by working in synergy with your bodies existing chemical defense systems. CYTO+ aligns our innate defense mechanisms.