Lawyers Are Creatives Too: Zlatkin Wong Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Posted By: Maura Ford

By Maura Ford

October 1, 2020

Amid Covid, news about small businesses shutting down seems inescapable, and rightfully somber. But for the newly-formed law firm, Zlatkin Wong, this outcome couldn’t be further from the truth. Ilya Zlatkin, one of the co-founders, notes, “We had only been around as a firm for just under six months when the world shut down, but we didn’t really need to pivot at all, because we were already lean and designed to work remotely.” To help create a steady stream of clients, the firm drew on its relationships, including those formed in and around 2112. 

Originated in 2112's creative and inclusive environment, the practice was shaped around a people-first approach. Ilya and his business partner, Jennifer Wong, deal mainly in corporate and intellectual property law surrounding entertainment and media, software and technology, and hospitality and recreation industries. However, they’re quick to note that “lawyer-dom” does not define them or their firm. Ilya joined 2112 as a member back in 2015, and has been forming relationships here for the better part of five years. When he met Jen at the space in 2018, the two immediately sensed an alignment in their ethos. Jen had been working out of 2112 as a volunteer, because she could sense the inherent worth of working within a community of creatives. Meetings like Jen and Ilya’s might be attributed to the “random collision” theory popular in the co-working world—regardless, the pair saw the opportunity to collaborate and to shape a practice exactly the way they saw fit.

Zlatkin Wong speaks the same language as their clients—that’s to say, as small business owners themselves, Jen and Ilya relate to clients with authenticity. And both lawyers possess an artistic side, with pursuits in film production and classical music. They don’t just work for creatives, they are creatives. Of course, the pandemic has presented ample challenges—from forming digital strategy for promotion and finding new sources of clients, to being able to establish a workflow rhythm and routine as a new business. But, with community support and a lot of Ilya and Jen’s collective hard work, there is reason to celebrate. The firm has made it to one year, with big plans for the future. When asked what they are most excited about for the future, the partners had simple, optimistic messages: Ilya said, “We get to build the type of culture we want,” while Jen noted, “We have the opportunity to see our firm flourish.” 

The 2112 community is fortunate to call Zlatkin Wong a member, and we celebrate their continued success. Learn more about them at their website.