Chris Brodhead
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    Business Coaching, Idea Generation, Creative Entrepreneurship, Film Production
    TV/Film, Strategy, Music, Tech, Digital Ads, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media/ Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing
    Immersive Tech
    Visual, Virtual Reality (VR)
    TV/Film, Comedy

Chris Brodhead

CEO at SuitSocial, Video Production, Podcasting and Marketing Consultant

Chris received an undergraduate degree in Writing, History, Philosophy, Business, and Filmmaking and also an MBA from the University of Central Florida.
He previously worked as a Budget Analyst at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center for the Launch Services Program.

Chris is an avid marketer, writer, director, and actor. He uses these creative storytelling skills to inspire every team member at Suit Social to deliver their best work for each and every campaign.

Areas of Expertise:

Digital Marketing
Video production
Social Media Marketing

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